Why Choose Us

Buffalo Solar Solutions was founded on the principle that our customers are human beings, not a revenue opportunity.

We’re Western New Yorkers just like you, so we’ll give you straight answers about how the solar energy industry really works. (And if you think of more questions, we’ll answer those too.) You’ll also see our passion for our work and our commitment to green energy. Most of all, you’ll experience our dedication to great customer service.

Meet the Owners

Tyler Uebelhoer & Alicia Uebelhoer - Buffalo Solar Solutions - Buffalo NY

Tyler and Alicia Uebelhoer are not only the founders of Buffalo Solar Solutions—they are also intimately involved in meeting with customers, answering questions and working on installations. As natives of our region, they are truly invested in helping Western New York residents become energy independent, as well as providing the personal service that you’d expect from a local company.

With more than a dozen years of experience in electrical technology, Tyler is a passionate renewable energy advocate and enthusiastic solar educator. Not only does he work on nearly every installation, he thoroughly inspects every aspect of each project to make sure the details are covered.

As the operations manager, Alicia ensures that each installation runs exactly as scheduled. She also makes sure that all of your questions are answered in a timely fashion. Just call our office and you’ll find that you don’t have to go through a chain of command to reach the person in charge—she just answered the phone. Her passion for green energy and a cleaner environment comes through in her enthusiasm for helping people become energy independent.

It’s part of their DNA to be accessible and accountable to you. And in a time when many companies answer to stockholders, Tyler and Alicia have poured their personal funds (not to mention a lot of blood, sweat and tears) into providing you with the best possible customer experience—from their pressure-free sales approach to maximizing your solar savings.

It’s more than our sunny disposition.

You could buy residential solar panels, or even commercial solar panels, in a number of places. But the one thing you won’t find anywhere else is the kind of customer experience you’ll get with Buffalo Solar Solutions.

Our promise to you:

We’ll provide clear information and answer all of your questions.

We’ll show you how to avoid mistakes and educate you on tricks some energy suppliers play.

We give you our undivided attention, free of any obligation to buy.

We’ll give you the forms to obtain your solar energy tax credits. (We don’t keep them, like many other solar companies do.)

In other words, lots of straight talk and no high-pressure salesmen. And we’ll stick with you after the job is done. If there’s a warranty issue, we’ll be there. Question on your solar energy tax credits? We’ve got it covered.

Our Mission

To Be a Customer-Focused Renewable Energy Company

We will work to ensure every installation adheres to the highest standard of quality and craftsmanship. We will be a customer-centric organization that treats our clients the way we would want to be treated. We will hire the most skilled team members and value their contribution to the organization. We will grow slowly and steadily, to ensure that our customer service remains unsurpassed. We will show our appreciation by being active in the community and contributing to causes that enhance the quality of life for Western New Yorkers.


Maybe you’ve been told you’re an installation super hero, or that you have better customer service skills than that gecko on the insurance company commercials. Buffalo Solar Solutions is a place where dedication and hard work pays off.

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Our Footprint is Always Growing!

Here at Buffalo Solar Solutions, we are fortunate to always be hard at work helping people just like you take their first step toward energy independence.

Through this partnership, Western New Yorkers are saving money while helping to improve our environment for all of us—and generations to come.


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